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Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)


Active Environmental conducts Phase I and Phase II site assessments (ESAs) to identify potential or existing environmental liabilities associated with a property or for a property transaction.


In a Phase I ESA, Active will:


  •   review geologic and hydrogeologic information available from public agencies;

  •   contact state and local governmental agencies, current and past property owners (if  available), county health departments, and local fire jurisdictions to determine previous contamination on the property;

  •   conduct a site visit to determine potential onsite/offsite sources of contamination that may be considered an environmental concern;

  •   and provide the client with reporting of conclusions and recommendations followed by a final bound copy of the Phase I ESA report.


The purpose of a Phase II ESA is to collect soil and ground water samples for laboratory analysis to determine the presence or absence of contamination. If contamination is found, Active can will discuss the minimum requirements to stay in compliance with federal, state or local regulatory requirements.

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