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Investigation & Remediation Services


Active Environmental conducts site assessment surveys to facilitate due diligence of property transfers as required by local, state or federal regulations. The Active team will conduct an effective investigation including, but not limited to, communications with the regulatory agencies; investigatory field activities; and collection, analysis and interpretation of soil and ground water samples. Remediation technologies are selected for the site based on site geology, hydrogeology, chemicals of concern, efficiency of selected removal rates, regulatory agency guidelines, and cost effectiveness of the proposed remediation for the specific site.


Site assessments have been conducted for hundreds of clients  including facilities for the storage and/or dispensing of petroleum products, landfills, hazardous material spill sites, dry cleaners, and a variety of industrial facilities involving the release of cleaning solvents, heavy metals and petroleum.

Geological survey, investigation and remediation services include:


  •   Soil studies and contamination analysis

  •   Ground water risk assessment, contamination analysis and remediation

  •   Subsurface investigations, studies and reporting including ground penetrating radar profiles

  •   Hydrogeological site characterizations

  •   Underground storage tank management and removal

  •   Spill Prevention Plans

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